The Gauteng Volleyball Union (GVU) has hosted a series of 2-a-side single-gender beach volleyball tournaments at various beach volleyball venues in Gauteng.

  • GVU#1: 24 January 2016: Pococks Action Beach Volleyball
  • GVU#2: 20-21 February 2016: Deutsche Schule Pretoria
  • GVU#3: 17 April 2016: Pococks  Action Beach Volleyball
  • GVU#4: 1-2 May 2016: Deutsche Schule Pretoria
  • GVU#5: 21-22 May 2016: Digz Beach Volleyball
  • GVU#6: 3 July 2016: Pococks  Action Beach Volleyball
  • GVU#7: 20-21 August: Digz Beach Volleyball
  • GVU#8: 16 October 2016: Pococks  Action Beach Volleyball

Next events:

  • GVU#9: 12-13 November at Digz Beach Volleyball
  • GVU#10: 10-11 December at Digz Beach Volleyball

At each event the players get points based on their tournament results – which are used to determine the ranking for the next event. At the end of the series the overall winners will be announced, based on the points awarded throughout the year.

See the individual players’ points here: