What a weekend for beach volleyball! From Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May the best of South Africa’s beach volleyball players joined the sandy battle in Nelson Mandela Square. The man of the event, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger even made an appearance on the temporary beach courts, set up right in front of Trumps Grillhouse and Butchery.

Chief Event Organisers (CEO) did a good job of bringing the beach to Gauteng, with a VIP player’s area sponsored by Flying Fish.

After many games running through sunny days and starry nights, the finals were played on Sunday afternoon.

Men’s 2-a-side
1st place: Jerome & Clinton
2nd place: Leo & Andile
3rd place: Colin & Casey
4th place: Keifer & Jamaine

Women’s 2-a-side
1st place: Dieke & Lianne
2nd place: Kirsten & Vita
3rd place: Natasha & Sheana
4th place: Margrit & Nicky

5-a-side social competition
1st place: Digz  (from Digz Beach Volleyball, Edenvale)
2nd place: The Terminators (all the way from Cape Town)

Watch some footage from the Arnold Classic Africa beach volleyball
(Saturday 28 May: 5-a-side, waiting for Arnold Schwarzenegger and women’s Pro Quarter finals: Dieke/Lianne vs Claire/Claudia)