Following the huge success of the annual TuksVolleyball High School Tournament with 50+ indoor volleyball teams, 2017 saw the first instalment of the beach volleyball variation.

On 14 October 2017, 23 teams from 8 schools participated at the TuksVolleyball High School beach tournament at beach courts of the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria. Instead of the usual 2-a-side beach format, the schools entered 4-a-side teams to test their skills in the sand. For many players, it was the first experience of playing beach volleyball, while others had already competed in the GVU Junior beach and Pococks Getaway Show beach competitions earlier this year.

To make the transition from indoor to beach volleyball a bit easier, the rules were adjusted with leniency on the over-head pass. The round-robin stage games were also reduced to a single set to 20 points, to allow for the high volume of games to be played during the day. The semi-finals, bronze-medal matches and finals were played in a “best-of-three” format, with multiple nail-biter three-setters in the elimination stage. The top three teams in each category received medals.

The tournament was run by Dom Gachet as beach coordinator from TuksVolleyball along with Tawnay Gierke (chairperson TuksVolleyball) and Nicky Wenhold, assisted by a team of more than 20 players from TuksVolleyball who were reffing and scoring the games as well as running a tuck shop.

It was wonderful to see all the coaches, teachers, parents, and refs supporting the players and adding to the happy beach atmosphere.


u16 girls

Gold Fourways A
Silver PHSG
Bronze Fourways B

u19 girls

Gold Fourways
Silver Jeppe
Bronze Lycée Jules Verne (French School)

u16 boys

Gold DSP
Silver Troyeville
Bronze Fourways

u19 boys/mixed

Gold Queen’s High
Silver DSP C
Bronze Lycée Jules Verne (French School)