What is a beach without volleyball? That is why Silverstar Casino invited some of Gauteng’s best beach volleyball players to display their skills at their annual summer beach festival. Four men’s and three women’s teams entertained the crowds on 16 December 2017. A big shout-out to pro-commentator Kevan Evans who made sure that the spectators did not miss any of the action, Casper van der Westhuizen who made sure that the games were on track so that the kids could continue to build sand castles, and  Silverstar Casino, for being terrific hosts to a fun day in the sun!

Thanks to the players who participated:
Jamaine Naidoo & Warren Sieberts
Robin Kohler & Branden Versveld
Erik Wolfaardt & Heiko Damaske
Jeremy Lemmetjies & Jameel Isaacs
Kirsten Pocock & Margrit Springer
Vanessa Sardinha-da Silva & Shannon de Vries
Laeeqah Sujee & Nicky Wenhold