Tournament 1: Pococks 8 September

The 2019 beach series kicked off with the Pococks tournament on 8 September. Kirsten and Colin Pocock took advantage of their home advantage, showing the rest of the players how it is done, by winning with their respective partners in the women’s and men’s two-a-side divisions.

Tournament 2: Digz Beach 5-6 October

With 16 men’s teams on Saturday and 14 women’s teams on Sunday, the second leg of the series got real hot – especially on the outdoor court in the blazing summer sun. Playing a double elimination system, the teams were fighting hard to stay on the fastest track to the final, resulting in spectacular matches and tight three-setters.

On Saturday in the men’s division Tyro and Nonofo from Gaborone had a tough start being knocked into the loser’s bracket by Jared Kinsey and Gary Pieterson in their first match. But they fought all the way back into the semis, winning their next four matches. Here the experienced duo of Colin Pocock and Morais Abreu brushed them into the bronze medal match, where they met Windhoek brothers, Danilo and Andriko von Ludwiger. The young brothers had an equally tough path to the play-offs, which was their 8th match of the tournament, after succumbing to the Pocock-Abreu magic early in the tournament.

The other team to make the final was the Pretoria-based team of Erwin Güther and Branden Versfeld, who like their opponents entered the finals unbeaten. With a combination of hard hits and sneaky shots they gave Pocock-Abreu a run for their money, but once again experience triumphed and the former Olympians got to take home the biggest share of the chocolate prizes.

On Sunday the women had their turn. Previous finalist pairings of Kirsten Pocock and Natasha Webber as well as Palesa Masinga and Karina Kinsey both went unbeaten into the finals for a rematch. After a thrilling three-setter it was Masinga-Kinsey, who had continued to improve their performance as the day progressed, to win the last point.

Tournament 3: DSP 16-17 November

The final weekend of the series had its fair share of sun, sweat and sand Schnitzels. On Saturday the men were exposed to the Tshwane heat-wave. Morais Abreu and Jared Kinsey took the fastest route to the finals, showing some young teams how it’s done.

Conrad Johannes, who was visiting from Swakopmund, teamed up with his previous partner Branden Versfeld. After a tough first round loss against Robin Kohler and Filip Popovic, they had to fight their way through the losers’ bracket eliminating four teams before taking on Abreu/Kinsey in the finals. After a day of pushing physical and mental boundaries in 6 matches, Johannes/Versfeld earned their gold medals.

On Sunday many of the Gauteng women’s student teams took the opportunity to practice for the upcoming USSA tournament. Although the majority of the teams had very young players, in the end the experienced duo of Natasha Webber and Karina Kinsey went unbeaten, facing some worthy challenges in the finals against Vanessa Sardinha-da Silva and Jaime-Lee Wentzel.

Points are allocated as follows:

  • 1st: 100 points
  • 2nd: 75 points
  • 3rd: 60 points
  • 4th: 47 points
  • 5th-6th: 35 points
  • 7th-8th: 30 points
  • 9th-12th: 25 points
  • 13th-16th: 20 points
  • 17th-25th: 15 points

Men’s results:

NamePoints #1Points #2Points #3Total 2019
Morais Abreu10010075275
Colin Pocock1001000200
Branden Versfeld075100175
Igor Rodionov473547129
Roan Deintjie473547129
Jared Kinsey252575125
Filip Popovic60060120
Robin Kohler60060120
Erwin Güther35750110
Conrad Johannes00100100
Justin Pyle20353590
Tom Schulz20353590
Darren Grace20303080
Roumando Yelliah20303080
Lunga Vilakazi750075
Nathi Ntumbu750075
Keanu Reuss3003060
Andriko von Ludwiger060060
Danilo von Ludwiger060060
Ralph Thompson3030060
Markus Müller2003555
Gary Pietersen2525050
Karabo Mahlaela2525050
Nonofo Motswetla047047
Tyro Otimile047047
Vash Arumugam2520045
Mark Heyes2020040
Naaz #2020040
Elliot #003535
Bheki Mamane350035
Thabo Mabala350035
Tobi Damaske350035
Alex Mornau003030
Andile Masinga300030
Garrith West030030
Myen #300030
Alfonzo Pieterse002525
Andreas Franze002525
Jeeva #025025
Keegan Lucioli250025
Marco Cipriani025025
Musa Mazibuko250025
Ricki #025025
Ryan Simeon250025
Sebastian Welke025025
Siyabonga Mbatha025025
Terence Makacha250025
Arthur Tyson020020
Danai #020020
Dylan Prentis020020
Heiko Güther200020
Kgosi Moroeng020020
Morgan #020020
Enver Philander150015
Jabu Javas150015
Rylan Naidoo150015
Tashy #150015

Women’s results:

NamePoints #1Points #2Points #3Total 2019
Karina Kinsey75100100275
Natasha Webber10075100275
Kirsten Pocock100750175
Palesa Masinga751000175
Nicky Wenhold474760154
Raycine Nana60600120
Sashnee Nair60600120
Vanessa Sardinha-da Silva35075110
Khutso Letsoalo35253090
Calissa Lanovsky30352590
Camryn Heyes35302590
Tatiana Simopolous30352590
Toni Mellors30252580
Jaime Wentzel007575
Angie #2504772
Fatima West2504772
Alexia Beretta0353570
Natalie Cronje0353570
Ashley Gandy0303565
Thandeka Mtshali0303565
Dominique Jacobson3530065
Janka Meyer006060
Nazreen West2503055
Tsholo #2503055
Louise Stride0252550
Natasha Woollacott0252550
Claire Botha047047
Lise Chapelier470047
Hannah Schulz0202545
Christine Boswell003030
Kirsten Pietersen300030
Ilze Swanepoel025025
Kogie Bheemsingh025025
Michelle Haskins025025
Mika #250025
Nelia Tembe250025
Reshmee Mistra025025
Shaylee Krumples250025
Sidhika Bharuth-Ram250025
Jenna Mornau002525
Gabriela #200020
Isla Prentis020020
Lindsey Tyson020020
Noex Ngwabi200020
Olivia #200020
Shani Klopper020020
Sphe #200020

Tournament 1 at Pococks 8 September

Tournament 2 at Digz Beach 5-6 October

Tournament 3 at DSP 16-17 November