The beach volleyball community in southern Africa is taking active steps to improve its competitive level through the Six Nation Beach Series.

The first event took place in Gaborone on 25 and 26 January 2020 with 7 men’s and 8 women’s teams from Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. More teams had entered, but after an unfortunate car accident on Friday evening involving multiple vehicles with tournament participants, several teams had to withdraw due to injuries.

Even though the event started with this low note, the spirit of volleyball lifted once the matches started on Saturday. The Tropica beach complex at Molapo Crossing attracted visitors throughout the weekend with many action-packed matches on display.

The results of the first event of the Six Nations Beach series are as follows:

Men’s results

  1. Tyro & Tony (BOT)
  2. Sibangani & Mike (ZIM)
  3. Nonofo & George (BOT)
  4. Happy & Lee (BOT)

Women’s results

  1. Nicky & Natasha (RSA)
  2. Vuyiswa & Nyenge (ZIM)
  3. Karabo & Thato (BOT)s
  4. Tsholo & Ngirl (BOT)
Winners and runner ups from the Six Nations Beach Series #1 in Gaborone

Nathi Ntumbu, the tournament director from South Africa, is satisfied with the outcome of the event and passed on a message of thanks:

“On behalf of StreetBeat and Gabs Beach Volleyball Club we would like to extend our thank you to all the teams that made it to the first leg of the Six Nations Tour hosted by Gabs Beach Volleyball Club. We had a bit of a rough start with some sad incidents taking place on Friday night but managed to still pull our heads up and run a successful event. We wish a speedy recovery to the guys injured and hope to see you on court again soon.
A special thank you also to all who willingly assisted with various aspects to make our event a success, even when they were not part of the LOC. Also to the Botswana Volleyball Federation, thank you for helping us pull through!
We also appreciate that a representative from WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) was present at the tournament with an information stand to educate the players about the doping regulations in competitive sport.
We can only get stronger and better. Let’s keep the ball flying!”

Nathi Ntumbu (Tournament Director)

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